Odd things

This post is in response to the blog post of Celine Roque, titled “Creative Exercise #1: The “Odd Things” Tickler”

The Odd Things this week are:
[1] the meaning of serious
[2] writing pads (what else)
[3] a rumour about time zones

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Second but not last post

Blogging seemed such a nice thing to do. The right thing also. It should have helped me, like keeping thoughts and remarks together in a certain coherent structure thingy. But it instantly presented a new, bigger and far more essential problem to me: in which language do I write?

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My first post

OK, have mercy. This is all new and potentially disastrous to me. Please leave a note, preferably near the edge of this swamp, so I know in which direction to drown. It’s for the dramatic effect you see. Thanks in advance.h