Facing Your (first) Critics

This entry is also posted as comment to the blog post of Celine Roque on Web Worker Daily, titled Better Web Working: Facing Your Critics

When my first pieces of work went public, I was still in high school. I painted, wrote poetry, plays and articles and did performances with my band. But although the hard bit of learning, exposing en rejection extended far beyond the class room, it never felt as scary or painful as it did later.

Maybe because it’s all about growing up, conquer the world piece by piece and never want to give it back afterwards. Eager meets ego, playfulness meets pride I guess.

So when I, years later, had to discuss my first short story, my first scenario, my first software program, I trembled with fear, because in all those years I got used to the idea that the things I created were not just parts, but also part of me. I had to learn to cope with that.

However, the most sincere, yet strongly felt criticism came from my parents. Not because they weren’t supportive or proud of what I did. No, it’s because they have always been the most useful indicator of my deepest hidden doubts. I could believe anything I said to myself, but it didn’t stand a chance against their silent reading.

So after all, parents may be the first people to ask to join the jury…


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