Sorting out garbage like a geek

Sorting algorithms. They’re pretty geeky, and you probably don’t want me to tell why. Fair enough. Most wise kids stay far from it.

But I read this somewhere (don’t ask) and it kept spinning in my head the past few days:

“People overfocus on efficiency over clarity and simplicity. And most of the time the environment you’re coding in will have an efficient sort function built-in anyway.”

Be it so, but today I got this crazy thought. What if I project sorting algorithms on to real life stuff. Like cleaning up my room. Doing my administration. Prioritizing my goals. Surviving my girlfriends shopping spree. Oh, wait, she hasn’t got one. O well then, surviving this year’s Christmas party with family.

Yes, that would be a good one. I have a lot to say to my sis. And I’m afraid she doesn’t quite understand what I want to talk about. My general opinion on life, kids, social pressure and responsible behaviour is somewhat odd. More likely to be disputed than accepted.

Maybe it could help to sort my intentions with a nifty algorithm. Just to make things more neat. I mean, if I imagine my head full of thoughts to be a garbage bag full of stuff, then yes, all those things inside are somehow related to each other. But if you just throw the contents on the floor, it will only show as a bunch of crap.

So I’ll have to pick stuff out of the bag, one by one, while keeping the closest relationship between them in mind. Starting with the object that has the greatest common divider. From there on I can work my way in many directions, without losing track of the main story: why did they all end up in that bag.

Geeky or not. I think it’s a nice thought. Tell me if you have a better (or geekier) idea.


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  1. Celine Roque said,

    February 11, 2009 at 11:20

    Hey gio, how have you been? Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope everything’s okay 🙂

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